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MultiCapture is a revolutionary, patented, vision measurement technology standard in PC-DMIS Vision 2009 (and later) that automatically finds multiple features that fit within the same field of view and captures their measurement data simultaneously. Upon completing the measurements in a particular field of view, MultiCapture drives the camera to the next cluster of features and measures them in the same way. This sequence continues until the inspection program is complete.  Multiple feature types such as holes, slots and edges can all be measured in the same shot.  MultiCapture also works with manual vision systems by prompting the user to move the viewfinder to successive zones of densely populated features and then capturing the features automatically when they are within view, thus significantly improviing the productivity of even manual vision systems.

Within PC-DMIS Vision, the MultiCapture feature is set as the default. No additional programming is needed to take advantage of productivity improvements that have been as much as 70% for parts with complex, densely populated features, such as medical, electronic or other complex precision parts including micro hole dies, sieves, filters, fiber optics and inkjet nozzles. 

Coupled with sophisticated CAD based programming and inspection capabilities,  PC-DMIS Vision with MultiCapture now delivers a powerful feature set for vision and multisensor CMMs that is unrivaled in the industry.  See the video below that shows the multicapture feature in action.




 PC-DMIS Vision 2009 is now available on all Brown & Sharpe Optiv multisensor CMMs.  

The power of PC-DMIS vision is available as a software upgrade to many makes and models of vision based inspection systems.  Click Here for the latest list of compatible machines

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