shadedems_000.jpgEnterprise Metrology Solutions (EMS) – Helping Customers Understand Their Manufacturing Processes

Hexagon Metrology Software's EMS is an integrated metrology system for developing inspection routines, measuring parts, evaluating results, managing data and reporting results. EMS leverages the core technologies of PC-DMIS, the world’s most advanced CMM software.

PC-DMIS CMM – Transforming CMM Metrology. PC-DMIS CMM is the world’s leading Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) Software.  With over 30,000 seats in globally, PC-DMIS is recognized as the world’s most capable CMM metrology software.

  • PC-DMIS Pro – The baseline PC-DMIS CMM package. PC-DMIS PRO is powerful and easy to use if you don't need to integrate CAD into your inspection process.nci3-1.jpg
  • PC-DMIS CAD – Brings CAD to the inspection process.  PC-DMIS CAD lets you create inspection programs and evaluate measurement results by taking full advantage of the CAD models.
  • PC-DMIS CAD++ – Enhances the capabilities of PC-DMIS CAD with sophisticated tools for high speed scanning, sheet metal measurement, part alignment and the like.

PC-DMIS Planner – Making paperless inspections a reality. PC-DMIS Planner lets you convey design intent by marking up virtual blueprints of the parts. PC-DMIS reads these plans and automatically converts them into part programs. The dream of “Paperless Inspection” has become a reality.


PC-DMIS Gear – PC-DMIS Gear makes gear measurement easy.  The job of measuring gears on a CMM has always been a daunting one until now.  Facilitate inspections and easily interpret the results.

PC-DMIS Blade – A turnkey solution for measuring and analyzing blades. PC-DMIS Blade simplifies the job of creating blade measurement programs with a turnkey solution for the analog scanning of blade sections.


PC-DMIS NC – Harnessing the power of PC-DMIS for CNC Inspection. With PC-DMIS NC, you can quickly identify NC programming errors, reduce scrap and rework, decrease setup time and increase cutting time. Plus the software’s flexibility makes solving difficult problems easy.

PC-DMIS Portable – Bringing Metrology to the Shop Floor. Take full advantage of your portable measurement equipment with PC-DMIS Portable. Perform more measurements and complex analysis on the shop floor before minor issues result in costly scrap and reworks.

PC-DMIS Reshaper - The standalone 3D Point Cloud and Meshing Software. You can employ the standalone version as a basic point cloud processing and meshing station for 3D data. File input types include IGES, STEP, ASCII, RAW, DMIS, DXF and many more. File outputs include STL, STEP, DXF and more. This application is ideal for bringing in point clouds of any size, doing quick cleanup, combination, meshing, and then exporting to an STL file for further activities.

PC-DMIS Vision – Integrating CAD into vision metrology. Now, vision metrologists can make full use of CAD files with PC-DMIS Vision to program live from the machine.

pc-dmis_flatness_hyper_report_1.jpgDataPage+ – SPC tool set for metrology. DataPage+ meets the needs of global manufacturers by centralizing measurement results into one location for use by the department down the hall or half-way around the world. 

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