VIDEO_COMPSeeing is believing - PC-DMIS EMS software from Hexagon Metrology is commonly the subject matter for a wide array of video publications, webinars, and promotional films. To learn more about each platform available in the EMS suite these videos and multi-media productions can serve a number of purposes. 

Whether you are looking for a short introduction to a new platform, or want to exploit new features of an industry benchmark the resources available at this location are designed to meet your needs. 




  • PC-DMIS Webinars

    webinarsWebinars hosted by Hexagon Metrology or industry partners are collected, edited, and posted here for your convenience. The PC-DMIS Webinars listed contain everything from simple how to’s to introductions for new features of specific platforms.


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  • PC-DMIS Promos

    promoThese short PC-DMIS Promos will give you the general idea of common concepts within the PC-DMIS family of EMS solutions. View any of these short promotional videos to receive fast paced introductory information on that particular software topic.


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  • PC-DMIS Demos

    demoPC-DMIS Demonstration videos illustrate capabilities of the software but are not a part of the Hexagon Metrology series of webinars. These videos may go above and beyond simply showng how the software functions and may bring into account the hardware aspect of inspection as well.

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