PC-DMIS for Mycrona Measurement Systems


Wilcox Associates and Mycrona Messtechnik GmbH are pleased to announce their collaboration in developing PC-DMIS Vision for use on existing Mycrona measurement systems.  The result is a joint product offering that combines the features of world's leading geometric measurement software with the advanced capabilities of Mycrona's line of vision and multi-sensor metrology equipment.  It is an ideal solution for users needing to integrate CAD and full feature on-line and off-line programming into their vision measurement operations.

On Mycrona multi-sensor machines, PC-DMIS Vision seamlessly controls a second z-axis that can be equipped with either a touch-trigger probe or a white light scanner.  It also supports an optional rotary/swivel table, which when used in conjuction with the software's 3D CAD capabilities, makes true 3D measurement possible.  To learn more about these features, please visit Mycrona's product page.