PC-DMIS Retrofits & Upgrades

mitutoyo_upgraded_to_pcdmis.jpgAdd the Power of PC-DMIS to your Measuring Machine

PC-DMIS software is the world’s most popular dimensional metrology platform, with over 30,000 licenses worldwide. It delivers power and flexibility to your CMM, vision system, portable arm, or laser tracker by enabling you to program directly from CAD, online or offline. Incorporate state of the art automated routines, operator interfaces, customized reports, logic, and many other advanced features into your programs. Direct interfaces to popular CAD systems such as CATIA, PRO-E and Unigraphics are available, as well as capability to import universal file types such as IGES and STEP.

Why choose Hexagon Metrology and PC-DMIS as your Upgrade Partner?

In a word: Experience.  Nobody in the industry has more experience doing upgrades or a larger team than we do.  We have upgraded thousands of machines and dozens of different model types over a period of two decades.  We have a dedicated team of interface software engineers that do nothing but develop the interface between PC-DMIS and machine controllers.  

Click for a list of Hexagon family makes and models we can upgrade.

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Support from the Start

As the world’s largest metrology group, Hexagon Metrology is your ideal implementation partner– our team of experts work with
you to get the most from your PC-DMIS investment. From the initial installation our engineers can not only install your new software and help you get up and running, they can clean and certify your machine as well.  Our PC-DMIS support call center is available to answer your questions, and we offer frequent training classes in many convenient locations, so you won't have to travel far to get training.  We also have one of the most popular metrology discussion forums on the web: www.PCDMISForum.com, where measurement professionals gather to discuss, debate and share tips about PC-DMIS.

No Major Changes to the Machine
Not only is the PC-DMIS retrofit a powerful upgrade, it’s a low-risk one as well. PC-DMIS, in most cases, can interface directly to the machine controller meaning the hardware requires no changes. Controller interface retrofits work harmoniously with the existing machine in
its entirety, so the existing controller remains, along with all the scales, probes and wiring harnesses. In most cases, you’ll be up and running in less than a day.  In cases where you need added capabilities (such as scanning) or your controller is old and needs replacement, we replace your existing controller with a Hexagon model, again, interfacing with the hardware which means minimally invasive work.  Finally, a switched controller option is available for certain Mitutoyo models.  The following chart shows the three typical upgrade options available:


Retrofit Option A:
PC-DMIS direct interface to existing controller


1. Lowest cost

2. User may run old software

3. Plug-n-Play installation, virtually no downtime


Retrofit Option B :
Upgrade existing controller with  new Hexagon controller and PC-DMIS


1. Improved machine performance

2. Improved reliability and service

3. We take ownership of system


Retrofit Option C :
Hexagon controller and PC-DMIS added to existing controller with A/B Switch*


1. User may run old software

2. Improved reliability and service

3. We take ownership of system

*This option only available on certain models of Mitutoyo machines at this time.


wenzel_lh1210_upgrade.jpg Upgraded to PC-DMIS

Company: Extel Precision Machining, Houston Texas  www.EPMachining.net
Products Produced: Oilfield Machinery Component Machining
Machine Upgraded: Wenzel LH1210 with OpenDmis
Upgraded to: PC-DMIS CAD, 2008

“We just weren’t getting the timely support we needed on the Wenzel, there just wasn’t any local support.  Every time we needed support or training, someone would have to fly down from Michigan, or we’d have to go there and we just weren’t happy with that situation. The [PC-DMIS] upgrade was relatively painless, the service engineer cleaned and calibrated the machine and installed the software. He was in and out within a day.  In retrospect, I think we would have preferred going with a single source for the machine, controller, and software, from one of the big established brands like Hexagon, because then when you have a problem, it’s a one-stop-shop.”  -- Andy Hodgkinson, VP of Corporate Development

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