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"S" = Standard  |  "O" = Option  |  "-" = Not an Available Option

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Menu Items


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File       Edit      View      Insert      Operation

Hardware Definition
Probe S S S
Machine - S S
Quick Fixture - S S
Animated Probe Changer - S S
AutoCalibrate Probe S S S
AutoCalibrate Multiple Arm O O O
Single Tip S S S
Paramater Change   
Measurement Speed | Move Speed S S S
Measurement Speed | Touch Speed S S S
Measurement Speed | Scan Speed O O S
Measurement Speed | Acceleration S S S
Measurement Speed | Wrist Speed 0 0 0
Measurement Distance S S S
Probe S S S
Dimensions S S S
Clearance Planes S S S
Workplane S S S
Auto Relative Measure S S S
Clamp Value S S S
Polar Vector Compensation S S S
Temperature Compensation S S S
Array Indexing S S S
Execute Order Tolerance S S S
Move Point S S S
Move Increment S S S
Move Clearplane S S S
Move Circular S S S
Move Sweep S S S
Move Sync O O O
Move All S S S
Move Exclusion Zone O O O
Move Clear Point S S S
FEATURE |  Auto   
Point | Vector S S S
Point | Surface O O S
Point | Edge O O S
Point | Angle O O S
Point | Corner O O S
Point | High O O S
Plane S S S
Line S S S
Circle S S S
Ellipse O O S
Flush and Gap O O S
Round Slot O O S
Square Slot O O S
Notch O O S
Polygon O O S
Profile 2D O O S
Cylinder S S S
Cone S S S
Sphere S S S
Note: SheetMetal Option will enable full Auto Features module and is available for PRO and CAD   
FEATURE |  Constructed
Point S S S
Line S S S
Plane S S S
Circle S S S
Ellipse S S S
Round Slot S S S
Square Slot S S S
Curve S S S
Cylinder S S S
Cone S S S
Sphere S S S
Surface - S S
Adjust Filter S S S
Filter S S S
Set S S S
Measured S S S
Generic S S S
Read Point S S S
Basic S S S
Iterative O S S
Best Fit O S S
CAD=Part O S S
Save S S S
Recall S S S
Equate O S S
Bundle O S S
Leapfrog O S S
Dimension S S S
DCC Scan
Linear Open - O S
Linear Closed - O S
Patch - O S
Perimeter - O S
Section - O S
Rotary - O S
UV - O S
Freeform - O S
Grid - O S
Section Cut - O S
Note: DCC Scanning Option available for CAD only.   
Basic Scan
Circle O S S
Cylinder O S S
Axis O S S
Center O O O
Line O S S
Note: Basic Scan Option available for PRO   
Pointcloud - O O
Statistic Command   
Statistics O S S
SML Statistics O S S
Tracefield O S S
Report Command   
Custom Report S S S
Template Report S S S
Legacy Report S S S
Report Label S S S
Analysis S S S
Comment S S S
Dimension Info S S S
External Object O S S
Form O S S
Form Feed S S S
Point Info S S S
Print Command S S S
Screen Capture S S S
Table Format O S S
Create Viewset S S S
Recall Viewset S S S
Save Viewset S S S
Flow Control Command S S S
File I/O Command S S S
Assignment S S S
Basic Script S S S
External Command S S S
Attach Part Program S S S
Group S S S
Blade Scan Profile O O O
Blade Scan O O O
FreeFormPlane - O S
UseParameterSet - O S
Move Feature - O S
Note: Blade Scan Module and Blade Scan Profile Module require PC-DMIS Blade Software (purchased separately)