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"S" = Standard  |  "O" = Option  |  "-" = Not an Available Option

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Menu Items


Click on each PC-DMIS "Menu Item" below to navigate through available options


File       Edit      View      Insert      Operation

Setup S S S
Parameters S S S
Fonts S S S
Edit Window Colors S S S
Edit Window Layout S S S
Machine Interface Setup S S S
Probe Readout Setup S S S
Multiple Arm Setup O - O
Probe Changer O O O
Temperature Compensation Setup O O S
Set ClearanceCube S S S
Set Search Path S S S
Inspection Plan Defaults O O O
Import Options - S S
Save Machine Profile - S S
Recall Machine Profile - S S
Graphics Display Window   
View Setup S S S
Screen Color S S S
Trihedron Colors O O S
CAD Elements - O S
CAD Vectors - S S
Feature Appearance S S S
Dimension Color S S S
CAD Assembly - O S
CAD Levels - O S
CAD Groups - O S
CAD Coordinate System - S
CAD Tolerances - O S
Display Symbols S S S
Lighting, Materials S S S
OpenGL S S S
Hide and Show Graphics S S S
Rotate Options S S S
Point Nominal Deviation S S S
Machine Assembly O O O
Demo Mode S S S
Selection S S S
Last feature S S S
CAD Elements - S S
Features S S S
Dimensions S S S
Optimize Path O O O