Streamlined CNC Setup

Tools for Rapid Setup


CNC users are always looking for ways to tighten up their setup processes especially when they specialize in short runs. In some cases, the time spent in getting ready to run parts far exceeds the time spent in cutting them. Therefore, many companies have invested in on-machine probing which, when properly implemented, can return significant time savings. However, the macros that probe makers include with their devices are typically difficult to use and limited in capability. PC-DMIS NC solves this problem.

With the ability to manage complex coordinate systems quickly and easily comes the ability to eliminate setup bottlenecks. Programmers, working on CAD models, create an inspection program by identifying the features needed to create a coordinate system. The CNC machine executes the program and the software analyzes the results comparing the actual orientation of the piece to its nominal orientation and then reports the deviations. If the results are acceptable, the user goes on to the next step. If not, the report tells the user exactly how to adjust the piece. This technique works for either fixtures or parts.

PC-DMIS NC includes tools that make the job of creating part alignments and analyzing them easier. It gives you the ability to manage multiple coordinate systems and compare them to one another, incorporating CAD into the setup processes. Aligning complex parts on CNC machines has always been difficult with part setup often not repeatable. With PC-DMIS NC, dramatically reduce your time spent aligning parts.