Direct CAD Links (DCI)

ems_logo_with_no_text_1.jpgConnect to Native CAD Models

PC-DMIS Direct CAD Interfaces (DCIs) lets you directly access native CAD models eliminating the need to translate CAD data.  It uses the CAD system's native mathematical routines to display and manipulate the model, generate part programs, evaluate measurement results and generate inspection reports.

To interface with a CAD system, you will need a CAD seat license. Benefits include:

  • An interface linking PC-DMIS directly to the CAD system.
  • Accurate CAD data, free from the limitations of translators.
  • Access to GD&T information (with CAD vendors that provide such support).
  • Reduced programming time and improved quality.

Direct interfaces to the following CAD systems for PC-DMIS Versions 3.2 and above and PC-DMIS Planner are available:

  • Unigraphics
  • CATIA 4
  • CATIA 5 
  • I-DEAS
  • ACIS 
  • SolidWorks

Additional Compatibility Notes:

  • 64-bit CAD system libraries are not supported.
  • Unigraphics DCT - Compressed files and assemblies are supported.
  • Pro/Engineer DCT Assemblies are supported.
  • Catia 5 and Catia 6 DCT Assemblies are supported.


Click here to view full matrix of supported CAD systems for PC-DMIS version 3.2 to version 2012