EM Sleuth

sleuth portrait.jpg Metrology can be a messy business. I should know, I’ve seen it all. Missing features, cheating on SPC, tolerance stackups like a freeway at rush hour. I’ve always been one of those people folks like to tell their problems to. Lucky me. I’d been working as inspector in a bomb factory, but had always felt uneasy about it, as if something was always about to blow up in my face. So one day I decided to quit my job and set off on my own. I’d solved enough cases of metrology mischief to be able to do this full time on my own, I thought. Enterprise Metrology…. Sleuth—that was it. Solving the city’s metrology problems one feature at a time.

It was a compelling case, in my own mind, anyhow. But just how did one set up shop as a finder of missing microns? I needed an office, someplace befitting a sleuth of my stature. Well, all I could afford was cheap dump of an office above a Korean deli in the gritty industrial section of town. The smell of the kimchee covers up most of the rest of the stench of the city. A secondhand surface plate served as a desk. The sign painter for the poorly aligned door wanted to be paid by the letter, so Enterprise Metrology Sleuth became EMSleuth.

Solving messy metrology problems are my stock in trade. The results aren’t always what people want to hear, but I’m not here to coddle the clueless or cover up for the guilty. I’m the Sleuth—EM Sleuth.

Check out my casebook and see just what the life of an EM Sleuth is like....the good and the CAD.


The EM Sleuth is a quarterly feature in Tooling & Production Magazine.